Abraham is a non-epic and a member of the Reckoners, who was born in French Canada.

He is described as tall, burly, black skinned, with a smooth French accent, he is also a firm believer of the Faithful, which is a group of people believing that the there are good epics.

Not much is know about him, but he was ex-JTF2 which stands for Canadian, Special Forces. He was high enough in the ranks to show his leadership skills,(Presumed in the commissioned officers) but was being court martial at the time that one of the epics hit his team at Treton, which resulted in his whole team being wiped, out. He fights for the revenge of his team.

He has also shown leadership skills, and as David noted, it should be him leading the team and not himself. He is the heavy weapons man on the team, and has limited medical skills.

In the ending of Calamity, it is noted that he got his arm cut off from one of Limelight's force fields, but Megan expects that he would heal, with the help of Prof's healing powers.