Epics are humans who were afflicted with super powers. The powers affect them in a way that changes their personality and destroys their humanity and believe themselves to rulers among men.

Epic powers range from weak, such as infinite handgun bullets, to total invulnerability and infinite energy generation

Use of Epic abilities causes the Epic to express extreme hatred. All Epics have a weakness, which could be anything, that deprives them of their powers making them easier to kill. The Reckoners use this flaw to kill Epics on their hit list.

However, the personality change, along with the weaknesses, came from Calamity's hatred for everything, so after he left the world, the weaknesses, and the personality change, which was known as the darkness, disappeared along with him.

Known Epics Edit

Book One Edit

Steelheart's group Edit

  • Steelheart - the most powerful Epic in America and ruthless ruler of Newcago (originally Chicago)
  • Nightwielder - Steelheart's right hand man who was capable of controlling a black fog which could not be seen out of and could also have bullets pass through him and had the ability to fly. His weakness was UV lights
  • Firefight - a fire manipulating epic, which is really an illusion created by Megan, the real Firefight.
  • Faultline - a powerful but fragile earth manipulator who was under Steelheart's group, but later challenged him but perished. She had two second-tier abilities-moving softer earth and turning earth and stone into sand-which combined into a first-tier Epic. She would soften the ground and then pulling that earth back to form a crack in the earth.
  • Donny Harrison/Curveball. Deceased - A minor epic and bodyguard of Fortuity. had the power of unlimited handgun ammo and didn't need to reload. He was killed by Megan during a shootout.
  • Fortuity Deceased - a High epic capable of sensing any threat to his life seconds before it happens. his powers were weakened whenever he was attracted to somebody and because of that was killed by Megan (who he was attracted to)
  • Refractionary Deceased - A epic capable of casting illusions and making herself invisible. her weakness was smoke.
  • Edmund Sense/Conflux - thought to be head of Enforcement and part of Steelheart's inner circle, but was really just a prisoner serving as Newcago's power source. Can use electricity to power things like generators.


  • Deathpoint Deceased - A epic capable of of disintegrating a person down to the skeleton just by pointing at them. was killed by Davids father and indirectly caused his death and Davids motivation for killing epics.
  • Jonathan Phaedrus / Limelight - secretly an Epic and leader/founder of the Reckoners.


  • Gyro, Shadowblight, Earless, Absence, Daystorm, Redleaf (all deceased by the reckoners)
  • Calling War - an epic the Reckoners failed to kill and barely escape from.
  • Ides Hatred - an epic that once challenged Steelheart, but perished; destroyed an entire city block in battle
  • Strongtower- an epic who had one ability similar to Steelheart
  • Armsman of Omaha, Snowfall and Lightning of Sacramento
  • Pink Pinkness, Rick O' Shea

Book Two Edit

Regalia's GroupEdit

  • Regalia - a mysterious, wily, and powerful Epic who ruled Babilar - Babylon Restored (Originally Manhattan Island). could control water and could make tendrils to attack a person or make duplicites of herself. could also see out of water making it much harder to hide from her.
  • Mitosis - A epic capable of splitting himself to create several clones of him. weakness was music and was the only epic that could be killed by his weakness alone.
  • Sourcefield - A epic capable of using electricity to teleport, fire at people and could even use it to destroy bullets coming towards her. Her weakness was kool aid.
  • Obliteration
  • Newton - Epic capable of changing the force of whatever touches her or whatever she touches ( eg making her punch feel like a 100 tons or making your punch light as a feather) she was also capable of super speed, bouncing off walls and having bullets bounce off her. Her weakness was getting complimented.
  • Knoxx - an animal shapeshifter
  • Waterlog/Georgi - a small-time thug from Orlando. Regalia saw potential in him and turned him into an Epic via Calamity with waterjet powers (levitation via water). Killed and DNA acquired for Spyril to mimic his power.

Other Edit

  • Dawnslight- A young boy who despite being in a coma has a full sense of things around him.He has the power to change the city (eg making fruit grow on trees or making graffiti glow). He is one of the few epics that uses his powers for good instead of his own needs.


  • Instabam - one of the epics sent by Regalia, just like Mitosis and Sourcefield; had supposedly potato powers
  • Amala - deceased member of Prof's and Regalia's old team, and Knighthawk's wife
  • Murkwood/Lincoln - deceased member of Prof's and Regalia's old team
  • Clapper - a high Epic whose prime invincibility was to wrap air around him in a way which caused anything such as a spear or bullet to not go through him, but around him, without there being actual impact.
  • Punos de Fuego - a deceased epic from Hermosillo with beastly strength, enhanced endurance, and elephant-like skin; killed by Val via tank; considered very hard to kill
  • Night's Sorrow - an epic just as fearful as Steelheart and Obliteration, but also more tyrannical
  • Hawkham - an epic w/ similar powers to Newton but with different effects.

Book Three Edit

  • The Coven: loose alliance of Epics who don't bother each other yet help defend Ildithia from other Epics
    • Calamity / Larcener - The entity who created epics. due to them giving epic powers to humans it is likely they have every epic power there is and can take away or give epic powers.
    • Stormwind - an epic whose rain manipulation caused plants to grow rapidly.
    • Loophole - one of the most powerful epics of the Coven; a size manipulator and had augmented speed. Her weakness was someone sneezing in her presence. She throws parties at Sharp tower for other Epics and gang leaders. Has a deep love for cupcakes and will kill anyone for making any flaws in your development. Also, shrinks people and makes them dance for entertainment. Killed by David.
    • The Creer Twins (Hanjah and Mad Pen) - twins with same powers (Air pressure control, Precognition , and Pain manipulation). They're the only Epic twins that never killed each other, compared to others. Currently in Charleston.
    • Dynamo - a young epic with Sound manipulation. Becomes terrified of Prof and swears loyalty to him. Can use his power to increase the sound of voices.
    • Neon - a minor epic who sides with Prof. Manipulates light (orbs, lasers, etc.), and loud noises is his weakness. Has a British accent, shaved head and a spiked leather jacket.
    • Dead Drop - an Epic with a duplicating ability like Mitosis, but taken by Larcener. It's really a decoy creation power where one can project his conscious and powers into.
    • Fabrege, Dragdown, Inkwell, and Fuego (a Dowser) are all part of Prof's group.
    • Wiper - a female who had the power to disrupt the power of other Epic's external powers (i.e. she can disrupt Prof's forcefields, but not his regeneration. Killed by David.
    • Inkom, Brachin, etc. - other Coven Epics mentioned in the Coven.
    • Lifeline - an epic with minor electric powers and telepathy; killed by the destruction of Sharp tower.
    • Darkness Infinity - a female epic who had the ability to jump between shadows. Killed by the destruction of Sharp tower. (her nickname was the 4th one she made to be cooler but no avail).
    • Installah and the Thaub - both killed by the destruction of Sharp tower. One could force a person to speak in rhyme and the other can speak in any made-up language.
  • Others:
    • Tavi - a dimensional shadow of Prof's and Tia daughter. Has the same powers as Prof. (except the color of her forcefields are turquoise, not green). In the dimension she comes from, she's a Reckoner just like Firefight and Steelheart (David 's father of an alternative reality)
    • Blain Charleston/Steelheart - a dimensional shadow of David's father with Steelheart's powers; he became the driving force to show Calamity the errors of his ways.
    • Mizzy - after Calamity's departure, Mizzy became an Epic (powers unknown).
  • Mentioned:
    • The Wooden Soul - already deceased; had the ability to control mannequins. Controlled by Knighthawk for personal use.
    • Digzone - A insane epic capable of digging through anything. could transfer some of his power to others at the cost of giving them part of his insanity as well. it is unknown if he is alive or not.
    • Rtich - a deceased Russian epic who was not a High Epic but was still powerful w/ her poisonous mercury power. Her power is acquired by Knighthawk and used by the Reckoners against Prof.
    • Demo, Blastweave, etc. - deceased epics collected by Knighthawk's company.
    • Hardcore - the top Epic of Kansas City, who is destroyed by Obliteration. Judging by his name, he probably had technology-related powers.
    • Terms - ruler of nomadic traders and a time manipulator. David always wanted to see her.
    • Brainstorm - an epic who had ability to conjure objects, but taken by Larcener
    • Powder - an Epic who tried to take over Canada. Has the power to can gunpowder and similar material to explode by eyesight. Abraham was a survivor of his carnage.

Trivia Edit

  • In Calamity, David noted that epics can survive without infrastructure. It might means epics do not require sustenance in order to survive.
  • It been stated that Epic DNA is different from human DNA, however not enough to make them a different species. It also been noted that most of Epic powers can't be explained using human science.