Megan Tarash is a member of the Reckoners. We find out at the end of book one that she is also a high epic.

History Edit

Steelheart Edit

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We are first introduced to Megan as the newest member of the Reckoners. She's one year older than  David Charleston, who becomes attracted to her, despite her sour disposition towards him.

In the book Steelheart, she is working with the Reckoners to bring down Steelheart . However, during an attack, she dies, much to the dismay of The Reckoners. But it's later revealed that Megan is indeed an Epic as David discovers her very much alive and walking.

Firefight Edit

Main article: Firefight (Book)

We then discover that Megan can pull elements, including people and Epics, from parallel universes, namely an Epic named Firefight, who has the opposite abilities to Megan. 

Appearance Edit

Megan is described as attractive, with "nice curves," and blonde hair. She is said to be almost the same height as David.

Powers Edit

  • Reincarnation - if Megan dies, she can reincarnate herself in a flash of shining light, as she displayed as at the end of "Firefight". The reincarnation sometimes have some effect on her memories from the time right before she died. This ability makes her a High Epic
  • Dimension Manipulation - this ability was first thought to be illusions. However, in "Firefight", Megan revealed she can extract shadows of things and people from other realities, much like the "other Firefight". One flaw to this ability is the shadows are destroyed in the light of a fire.
    • Dimension Shadow extract - She can pull people and epics from other realities. She can manipulate them for combat, despite being almost like illusions. They can also fool any security sensor system. The person she always pulled was "Firefight".

Weakness Edit

Megan's weakness is fear of death by fire. This resulted when she nearly died when her home was burned down.