Newcago, previously known as Chicago, was an empire ruled by Steelheart. Newcago is divided into three levels: the Overstreets, Understreets, and Steel Catacombs.

Levels Edit

Overstreets Edit

The Overstreets, was turned all to steel by Steelheart. The Overstreets' inhabitants are the richest people in Newcago and most reputable Epics can be found here.

The Understreets Edit

When Steelheart turned all of Chicago into steel, he turned miles of dirt underneath the city. Steelheart ordered the Diggers to dig tunnels underneath the city.

Steel Catacombs Edit

Eventually the Diggers went mad and the end result was the Steel Catacombs. This level has poor electrical work and ventilation, along with confusing tunnels. Mostly social outcasts live in the Catacombs. The Reckoners are based in these tunnels.