The Reckoners are a covert group of people that work together to hunt down and kill Epics. The group was founded by leader Jonathan Phaedrus, also known as Prof.

Among the Newcago group are Tia, Abraham, Cody, Megan. David Charleston encounters the group when they are in Newcago to kill Fortuity.

The Babilar - Babylon Restored group included: Val, Exel, Mizzy, and Sam. They are later joined by Prof., Tia, and David.

There are others teams, like a New Orleans team that help Abraham and Cody during the events at Babilar.

In Megan's parallel world, the Reckoners includes Firefight, Tavi (Prof's and Tia's daughter, who has similar powers to Prof's), Steelheart (there he is Blain Charleston, David's father), Tia, and most likely other members who weren't mentioned.