Regalia was an middle-aged African American Epic who ruled what is now called Babilar - Babylon Restored. It was believed she was the star of a show called "Judge Regalia". She was not a High Epic, as she not only was killable via conventional means, she was also suffering from a terminal illness. 

Despite not being a High Epic, she was still one of the most powerful Epics on earth, as well as one of the most mysterious. Compared to Steelheart who was considered the strongest, Regalia's considered the most wily. Her abilities allowed her to virtually flood all of Manhatten Island. She first ruled like a tyrant, but recently become a little more benevolent even seeming regretful when Prof kills Val. 

Prior to her transformation as Regalia, she had a relationship with Prof. During Firefight, David speculates that this relationship is what prompted Regalia to bring Prof to the city, so he could be the one to kill her. However, Regalia reveals, just prior to her death, that it was his powers as an Epic that she was interested in, so he could serve as an heir to her throne.


Water SeerEdit

Regalia can transform a surface of water into a camera that looks out of any other surface of water and can also hear nearby sounds. The camera can only look out of a surface, it cannot see underwater. If Regalia's name is mentioned near a water surface within her power, Water Seer will automatically trigger at the water surface. Range is the same as Water Manipulation, but range of both seems unlimited. (Regalia keeps a tub of water near her at all times to peer through).

Water ManipulationEdit

Regalia can manipulate water, including water pressure, levels, and currents.

Remote Projection Edit

She can materialize water into a doppelganger of herself. The doppelganger is for show, as she can use voice communication without creating it. She can make water as thick as mud, and as water is an incompressible substance, she can use it as a club.