Sourcefield is introduced in Firefight. She was a middle-aged woman with curly brown hair who arrives in Newcago soon after the defeat of Steelheart to hunt down and kill the Reckoners. Much like Mitosis, she was sent there by Regalia as a calling card for Prof. and pursued David on this issue of Steelheart's fate. She was later killed by David when enough kool-aid was poured on her.

In her history, she was known as Emiline Bask, a former hotel desk clerk and fan of asian pulp cinema. She was under her aunt's care after her mother's suicide. Developed her powers 2 years after Calamity. After becoming an epic, she was in several cities (Detriot, Madison, Little Blackstone) and once a part of an epic gang lead by Static.

Abilities Edit

  • Electric Manipulation: Uses electricity and energy as a weapon
    • Electric constructs - used once when she trapped Prof. in a bubble sphere
    • Electric Aura: protected by an aura of electricity that can dissolve bullets, thus making her a High Epic
  • Electric Teleportation: The ability to turn in to electricity and travel through objects that can conduct it. The more conductive the substance the farther she is able to travel through it. This is not true teleportation.

Weakness(es) Edit

Kool-Aid and similar powdered fruit drinks. Her weakness is tied to her near death as a child after being poisoned via the drink by her fanatical grandparents. While contact with Kool-Aid will dampen her powers, she needs to swallow Kool-Aid to fully disable them.